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Don’t take away today’s peace

worry, stress, anxiety, thoughts, past, future, present moment, yoga, warrior 1, wisdom, daily inspiration, personal growth, personal development, self help, happiness, joy, peace, wellness, wellbeing, spirituality, spiritual teacher, life lessons, eckhart tolle, a new earth

One of the key lessons I learned from A New Earth (the spiritual book that changed it all for me) is that worry pretends to be necessary. Let me say that again: worry pretends to be necessary. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on worrying? How many repetitive thoughts you have in […]

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Do what you love

do what you love, love, work, life, purpose, daily inspiration, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spiritual teacher, motivation, wellness, wellbeing

Do what you love. Pretty straight forward, right? And yet, how many people get the Sunday night blues, dread going to work and can’t wait for the weekend? Doesn’t it seem tragic to live a life where 5 days out of 7 you are miserable and just waiting for those 2 days that go by […]

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Some daily inspiration from Lisa Messenger

daring and disruptive, lisa messenger, daily inspiration, motivation, wisdom, quote, personal growth, personal development, self help, red fairy project

Couldn’t have said it any better than the talented Lisa Messenger, entrepreneur and author of Daring and Disruptive (such a great book!). Mondays are a time for courage, discipline, for setting the tone for the week. Are you going to prioritize what’s important to you or stick with what’s easy? No, life shouldn’t feel like […]

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Oscar Wilde quote on love

Oscar Wilde quote, love, self care, oscar wilde, quote, daily inspiration, wisdom, daily quote, personal growth, self help, personal develpment, happiness, peace, spirituality, spiritual teacher, spiritual entrepreneur, life guidance, joy

Everyone should read this Oscar Wilde quote on a daily basis. Yesterday, I watched two webinars given by two people I deeply admire Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo. One message that kept coming back is that to be the best version of yourself, to be of service and to truly fulfill your purpose, self-care is […]

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Don’t should all over yourself

could, would, should, did, daily inspiration, wisdom, self help, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual teacher, red fairy project

“Should, would, could” three deadly words in my opinion. There is nothing worse than living with regrets, feeling like you cheated yourself because you didn’t believe in yourself. I would prefer to look back at mistakes I made because I took risks than a life I didn’t live because I was fearful. What is one […]

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Learning to let go

learning to let go, red fairy project, daily inspiration, inspiration, wisdom, yoga, control, release, faith, personal growth

Learning to let go rather than controlling everything is a great gift to give yourself. Over the past few years, I’ve transitioned from being a total control freak to a pretty zen gal with occasional relapses. I used to try to control every single outcome of my life. I knew what I wanted and took the […]

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What you focus on expands

daily inspiration, focus, abundance, wisdom, quote, oprah, spirit, soul, spirituality, personal development, self help, happiness, freedom, joy

{What you focus on expands.} Wise words from Oprah in this morning’s Abundance meditation. This is a message that is strongly present in all the spiritual learnings I have taken in over the years. I have witnessed it to be true via my own experiences and by observing those around me. People who focus on their […]

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Program yourself to believe in yourself

Program yourself to believe in yourself, I can, I will, female entrepreneur assocaition, carrie green, confidence, trust, faith, self esteem, self help, wisdom, daily inspiration, life guidance, spirituality, dreams, quote, motivation

Program yourself to believe in yourself. Repeat after me (say it out loud): I can and I will. Just hearing yourself say it programs your brain to believe it just a little more. Has there been something you’ve been dreaming of doing but are too scared to take action? Notice the people you admire and […]

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Go the extra mile

go the extra mile, extra mile, inspiration, daily inspiration, daily quote, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, self help, wayne dyer, red fairy project

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.” Love this quote by Wayne Dyer, a great motivational speaker and spiritual teacher. Why is it that we need to stay in our comfort zone? Some might say it’s laziness and it might be so but I also think it’s the fear of standing out, of stepping forward […]

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You don’t have to figure it all out

release, believe, faith, spirit junkie, spirituality, life guidance, personal development, self help, daily inspiration, wisdom, purpose

In order to move forward you sometimes have to let go of the plan. I think this is one of the most precious lessons you can learn in life especially when you are trying to figure out your purpose and create a life that goes beyond your wildest dreams. We often believe that we need […]

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Be the light

be the light, yoga, handstand, inspiration, wisdom, spirituality, personal development, self help, life guidance, spirit junkie, yogi bhajan, quote, red fairy project, wellness, happiness, guidance, wisdom

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light. Love this quote from Yogi Bhajan. Today, let your soul be light. Let go of all that doesn’t serve you (worries, judgement, grudges, negative thoughts) and just focus on being the light for those around you and taking the day as lightly as possible. Don’t […]

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Every day is a fresh start

Every day is a fresh start, red fairy project, daily inspiration, wisdom, quote, new day, new chance, life, peace, love

Every day is a fresh start, a chance to change your life as you see fit. What are you going to make this weekend about? Take it in fully and use it to spend time doing what you love. Don’t be afraid to get a little perspective on how things are going in your life […]

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Do you listen to your inner voice?

inner voice, red fairy project, rumi, wisdom, daily inspiration, spirituality, personal development

There is an inner voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. To me, this refers to our intuition, instinct or gut feeling. Call it what you want but what it is, is our deepest truest self trying to come through the noise of our fears, what other people tell us and what we learn as we […]

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Make space for your future to show up

future to show up, potential, red fairy project, trust, faith, space, life, future, daily inspiration, danielle laporte, wisdom, guidance, personal development, self help, spiritiuality

My generation is a very driven one that goes for what they want and make things happen. Sometimes though, we have such tunnel vision that we forget to leave space for our future to show up, meaning leaving room for Life to do her thing and work her magic along with us. We must first […]

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See the possibilities everywhere

See the possibilities everywhere, daily inspiration, wisdom, personal growth

See the possibilities everywhere. Do you let yourself believe that you can live a life that’s far beyond simply getting by? Can you feel what is within you just waiting to be discovered? Do you know what to put out into this world for others to enjoy? Quiet the mind, let go of the fears and […]

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How do you see life?

you see life, how do you see life, wisdom, daily inspiration, personal growth, self help

How do you see life? Ever stop to think that we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are? The proof of that is if you look at how two people can react completely differently towards the same situation. One person stuck in traffic might get enraged while the other will […]

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This is not a dress rehearsal

not a dress rehearsal, life is not a dress rehearsal, yolo, daily inspiration, wisdom

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don’t you find that we often tend to act as if it were? Taking on our days like we had unlimited amounts of them. We should all be getting out there on the stage and giving our best performance. Live passionately and put your best self forward. Imagine your […]

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Dreams do come true

dreams do come true, dreams, dream, daily inspiration, quote of the day, inspiring quote, daily quote, quote, inspiration, inspiring, inspire, inspired, quotes, positive quotes, positive quote, positive thinking, motivation, success, happiness, happy, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, wisdom, guidance, personal development, personal growth, self improvement, potential, spiritual, spirit, soul, spirituality, spiritual teacher, compassion, self love, mindful, mindfulness, mindful living, conscious living, conscious, awareness, red fairy project,

Dreams do come true but for that to happen, you have to let them come to the surface. They are within reach more than you think. Inspire yourself by looking at how others are living a life that resembles what your heart desires. Don’t envy, compare or focus on what you think is lacking in your […]

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