Yes, January was a new start but guess what? So is February and so is everyday of your week. No matter what has happened to date in 2016, let go of what isn’t serving you and forge ahead focusing on the power of clear intentions.

Heck, you should even let go of what happened this weekend if it didn’t leave you feeling great. The trick though is to take a lesson from that and then set a new intention that will allow you to move forward to a better place within yourself.

I’m reading Bram Levinson‘s new book A Year in the Light and the following excerpt really clarifies how intention can bring us closer to the life we are meant to live: “At the beginning of your day, set an intention. At the beginning of any undertaking, set your intention. Ask yourself what you want out of the experience. How do you want to feel during it, after it? What do you want to leave behind you long after the moment is over?”

Focusing on an intention allows us to live life more mindfully and living life more mindfully helps us to stay on the path of our authentic self. You know that difficult conversation you have to have? Set an intention for it to be filled with kindness and compassionNotice how this immediately helps take some stress out of your thoughts about the situation.

Start this month and this week with a clear intention of how you want to feel and then check-in with yourself throughout your day to notice if your thoughts, words and actions are making you feel the way you want to feelWishing you a wonderful Monday where you stand in your intention as much as you can.

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