How much time do you take to heal and refuel when needed?  We often take little hits here and there during the week and it’s important to acknowledge them, not dwell on them but heal them and then move on. Life as a human presents us with opportunities to grow everyday when we’re out there in the world “getting things done”.

In order to have the energy and clarity to move ahead in the right direction we must take time to pause and recharge. We live in such a go-getter do, do, do society where people wear their badges of busyness and exhaustion with pride, but there really isn’t anything to boast about when you’re running on empty.

In order to be the best version of yourself and live a fulfilling life, you must take the time to stop and make self care a priority. You cannot give to others what you don’t have so even if you think it’s selfish to take time for yourself, know that you are doing your loved ones a favour by replenishing your reserves.

Enjoy some peaceful moments today where you allow yourself to recharge and heal. Even just a few deep breaths can help greatly. Notice how much fuller you feel when you do take time for yourself.

Wishing you a sacred Sunday where you make your body, mind and soul your priority and then allow them to be of service (to yourself and others) in the best way possible in the days to come.

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Image via Cleo Wade