Whether you feel like you kicked butt this week or that it was your butt that got kicked, you must seek the lessons to be learned. Sometimes we feel like superstars but it’s not necessarily in those moments that we grow the most. Yes they are enjoyable and they are important, but find comfort in knowing that when you aren’t feeling like a superstar there is actually something positive to take from this.

The most important thing of all is to be out there in the arena trying and giving it your allThere is nothing worse than just being a spectator of life, watching others live it fully while you choose to “play it safe”. Once again, sometimes playing it safe is the best decision but it’s not always the option we should go for.

We are meant to get a few scrapes and scratches from life. They often make the best stories even if they can be a challenge to go through at the time. We usually look back on those challenging moments with pride, seeing how strong we really are.

Even though this quote uses the word “win” be careful in how you define it in your life. Don’t just take someone else’s definition. That can lead you down the wrong path and leave you feeling very lost.

For me, to win is to be the best version of myself everyday. To follow healthy habits, to be loving and compassionate and to be my authentic self. What is your definition and how do you live it? And more importantly, remember to treat yourself with kindness when you are I those moments of learning.

Don’t beat yourself up. Know that it’s just part of the journey. Be proud of the fact that you are giving it your all and as Maya Angelou says “When you know better, do better.” Wishing you a wonderful Saturday filled with love and inner peace.

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