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BODY, MIND, SOUL ONE-ON-ONE WORKSHOPS (health & happiness coaching)

As human beings having a spiritual experience, we can sometimes fall out of balance or feel disconnected from ourselves. At different moments of our life we might neglect tending to our body properly (food and exercise), taking care of our mind(set) and connecting with our soul (who we truly are). If you’ve been feeling anxious, lost, empty or like you’re somehow “off track”, it might be time to re-align.

Working together means we will dive into the three aspects of the Self (body, mind, soul) and assess if one needs a little more love/guidance or perhaps all three do. It’s similar to a coaching session but with a more holistic in approach as we really look at all three aspects and see how they are connected. Sometimes we don’t even realize what’s off because we’ve been on automatic pilot for so long. This is where the first step of our workshop comes into play:


In order to connect to the body and soul (and give your mind a reset) we need to give ourselves permission to slow down and go within. If you’ve been intimated by meditation, be assured that we start small with baby steps and keep it simple. The goal is not to reach enlightenment but rather to feel more calm and clear about where you are and where you want to go moving forward.


The next part of our time together will include movement. Sometimes we get stuck in certain patterns mentally and physical movement is a great tool to shake off that stagnation or negative energy. It’s also a must to release stress which clouds the mind and affects our health in a major way. We will do a light exercise session that combines yoga and pilates. The goal is to unblock stagnant energy and breathe in new vitality into your body, mind and soul.


We are what we eat so if we are struggling with food issues (over eating, eating in an unconscious way, not eating what our body needs) everything else can feel like a struggle. From brain fog to bloating to fatigue and depression, food really does affect us at all levels. It’s so important to get the basics right and make sure you aren’t intaking unhealthy options without even realizing it. I’m not a nutritionist so we won’t be developing a food plan together but we will look at overall eating patterns and get you some great healthy recipe options to keep your body happy and mind clear.


You will get out of our session what you put into it after. Meaning that our time together will create the foundation for you to feel more healthy and happy but you will the master of your destiny to integrate what you will have learned during our workshop. My life mantra is Small steps every day and I strongly believe in consistency (progress over perfection!). I will recommend bite size goals to help you gently walk to that next level while being realistic about your life context.


I have practiced yoga and meditation for over a decade and as a teacher, I am so grateful to be able to pass on the precious learnings that I have acquired during this time. I completed a 250 hour yoga teacher training with Luna Yoga studio as well as a 30 hour yoga on SUP (stand up paddle board) certification with Marie-eve Bertrand of POP Spirit. I consider myself a wellness warrior thanks to the many years of learning along the way via classes, books, podcasts and of course, life experience. Find out more about me here

To book a session or if you have any questions about my workshops, feel free to contact me at or via private message on Instagram or Facebook