We often have grandiose visions of what our dreams look like but what we forget is that they probably won’t start out looking that way. Big dreams start with small steps. At first, what we’re doing seems quite unimpressive but we must start with that foundation and allow it to grow and evolve.

We have the power within us to accomplish great things. Things that will benefit not only us but others as well. Don’t ignore the idea that you have that keeps coming up again and againDon’t crush it by thinking that you are not capable or that it’s not “realistic” to follow through with it.

Also don’t try to have the full road map figured out. Start with the first step that you need to take. Allow yourself to have a small beginning. That’s how we all start out.

We often compare ourselves to others, we look at someone that’s doing what we dream of and we want to get there immediately. Remember that they had a small beginning. This can be a business, a healthy body, your self confidence or any type of special project. Anything that brings great rewards takes time to build and there is a reason for that.

It can be hard for perfectionists such as myself to accept starting “small” or starting out and not being that great. We must fight those inner demons because they can stop us from moving ahead with something that can bring great joy.

Don’t be afraid of feeling like an amateur when taking those first steps. I know it’s uncomfortable but we must get comfortable with that discomfortIt’s just a necessary phase to go through to eventually craft out something that will be really special.

Take time for yourself today to look inside at a dream or desire you’ve been denying yourself because you think it’s silly or that you might not be great at it. Let the initial fearful thoughts pass through you and determine the first step you can take to get started.

Don’t forget that if ever you go down that path and decide it’s not for you, you are allowed to change your mind but at least you will have tried. That’s all your soul is asking for. To give it a chance to show the word what you’ve got, one small beginning at a time. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

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