To cultivate calm despite what is going on on the outside is a great superpower. The good news is that we can learn how to do this. It might not be our default setting but once we make it so, the quality of our life will greatly improve.

Do you notice how often you get upset during your day? Not necessarily upset in a physically obvious way like being vocal about something. It could just be your mind telling you that things shouldn’t be the way they currently are. That could be your love life, your body, your career or the fact that you have to get up this morning and be somewhere by a certain time.

We can have a shit storm going on in our mind and not really notice it if we aren’t aware of our internal state. We might feel a bit crappy but we won’t know exactly why. This is the reason it’s so important to be in touch with your inner self. To notice the dialog that is going on.

Learning to remain calm no matter what the outside circumstances are can start by refocusing the mind from what is upsetting it towards what you are grateful for. It’s usually the voice of the ego that riles us up, telling us that we shouldn’t let someone treat us a certain way for example.

Our ego can get us into trouble and put us in an unnecessary state of stress. If you can learn to take a step back, to create just a small space between the external circumstance and your reaction to it, you can start observing yourself and become more objective. You can ask yourself in a fraction of a second if it’s really worth getting upset over something or if there are more benefits to remaining calm.

Start today by noticing when your sense of calm escapes you. It probably happens multiple times a day so you will have plenty of occasions. When it does, tell yourself that you have the choice to remain calm.

At first your ego will probably be so fired up that calmness won’t be an option but with time and practice you will learn to detach from the drama. You might still notice yourself getting upset over something but the fact that you are aware of it will make the stress period much shorter. Wishing you a wonderful day where you start consciously choosing calm over stress.

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2 thoughts on “Learn to cultivate calm in moments of stress

  • This is such an important lesson to learn I find. I see so many people get upset by the smallest thing and it’s so bad for our health! We have to learn to breath and stop sweating the small stuff like someone cutting us off (just breath rather than honking back at them). If everyone worked on this just a little, the overall energy of our society would be so much more peaceful.

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