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A powerful lesson for all control freaks

ontrol freak, control, stress, full potential, wellness, happiness, personal growth, personal development, self help, self improvement, coach, coaching

Do you love making lists, checking items off, creating schedules, keeping people on track and basically micro managing every aspect of your life and/or work? That used to be me. When I was working in the corporate world, I was known for my mad project management skills. I got a thrill from making sure that […]

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Are you eating your emotions?

eating your emotions, wellness, healthy living, healthy eating, happiness, personal development

That image of the Cookie Monster below, it was totally me earlier this week.  I was in a foul mood, didn’t really know why and all I felt like doing was stuffing my face with junk food and sugar. You’ve probably heard the term “emotional eating” but have you ever stopped to think about how […]

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The most important factor when making lifestyle changes

lifestyle changes, wellness, happiness, self improvement, self help, personal development,

Today, were talking about how small lifestyle changes can lead to big results. Have you ever given yourself a challenge only to realize that right from the start you didn’t really believe you could accomplish it? Whether it’s cutting out unhealthy foods, learning a new language or starting to exercise, you had great intentions but […]

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Should you break up with your BFF?

break up with your BFF, relationship, friendship, break up, breaking up, breaking up with your BFF, BFF, best friend, best friend forever, wellness, happiness, personal growth, self help, personal development, coach, coaching

I’ve had this post in my drafts for a couple of weeks but hesitated publishing it for fear of what you guys might think of me for suggesting that you should perhaps breakup with your BFF. I felt compelled to write about this subject because of something that was going on in my personal life […]

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The joys of simply being

just be, being, simly being, human being, stillness, meditation, present moment, inner peace, happiness, personal growth, personal development, self improvement, spirituality

You’ve probably started this week with a full to do list, telling yourself I am going to get things done! Being an ambitious woman myself, I am very good at setting high standards for what I will accomplish during my day. As soon as I wake up, different tasks pop into my head. Even as […]

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The importance of a positive morning routine

health, morning, morning routine, morning ritual, healthy living, health, healthy, wellness, happiness, lifestyle, positive morning routine

You know that colleague that walks into the office bright and cheery on Monday morning that kind of annoys you but that you also secretly envy? You tell yourself that they are a “morning person” and that they probably have a natural disposition to be in a good mood as soon as they wake up. […]

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5 surefire ways to get inspired

WAYS TO GET INSPIRED, inspiring, inspire, inspired, inspiration, creativity, creative, ideas, get inspired, find inspiration, happiness, coach, coaching, personal growth, personal development, self help,

Yesterday, I shared how I discovered my creative side. You also got a peek into what being inspired means and how that can be different from one person to the next. Now it’s time to see how YOU can get your inspiration on! Inspiration used to be a foreign concept for me but today I […]

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Is there someone you are trying to change?

change, changing, changing someone, trying to change someone, acceptance, love, wellness, relationships, friendship, friends, family, happiness

Today, many of us will be spending time with our loved ones. It’s funny how we use the expression “loved” ones and yet in the back of our minds we can pin point all the things that we would change about them to make them just a little more lovable. It’s not that they aren’t […]

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This too shall pass

wellness, happiness, well-being, health, healthy living, coach, coaching, mindful, mindfulness, mindful living, personal development, personal growth, self help

Were some of you freaking out last Friday when they were forecasting snow for this coming Wednesday? I remember it being such a beautiful sunny day and thinking why on earth aren’t people enjoying this amazing weather instead of focusing on what might or might not happen 5 days from now? Now obviously, there is […]

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My Glow juice cleanse experience

Glow juice cleanse, juice, juicing, cleanse, juice detox, detoxify, glow juice, glow, wellness, health, healthy living, happiness, weight loss

After I got back from a two-week vacation in Greece, which involved lots of pastries and wine, my digestive system needed some TLC. I had read a lot about detoxes and the Glow juice cleanse in particular and was curious to try the experience. I chose the Glow brand first because the juices are organic but […]

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Embrace the F-word

fear, failure, business, entrepreneur, personal development, personal growth, self help, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, joy, jk rowling, quote

Last night, I taught my first yoga session. Despite loving yoga, taking classes almost every day and doing my teacher training since January, I had been procrastinating teaching it. Why had I been putting this off? Because of a nasty four-letter word that is present in all our lives but often goes unnoticed. A sneaky […]

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Cultivating patience and inner peace

cultivating patience, wellness, happiness, personal development, spirituality, healthy living, long distance relationship, love,

During my yoga teacher training class, I was chatting with a fellow trainee about the fact that, as driven women, we have lost the art of cultivating patience. We tend to live in the “doing” rather than the “being”. We have places to go, people to see and goals to reach. In addition to this, […]

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Change your thoughts- Change your life

the mind

Have you ever stopped to count how many decisions you make within a 24-hour timeframe? Or if you consciously decided to change your thoughts how it could affect the outcome of your life? The average human makes about 612 decisions a day. This equals to 4,900 decisions in a week and 254,800 in a year. […]

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Why failure is part of success

falling out of posture

It’s funny how life can sometimes be quite persistent in sending you certain lessons. This morning, I found the above quote on Facebook. Later on, when I opened my 365 days of inspiration book to see what today’s quote was, I found this: I have learned that success is to be measured not so much […]

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Become your true self

coaching, coach, personal development, personal growth, self love, self esteem, self confidence, authenticity, inspiration, purpose, authentic self, wellness, well-being, health, healthy living, happiness

Become your true self. It’s what you are meant to  do during your time here and any spend spent not living an authentic life is a day wasted. When I quit my job, I received an influx of positive feedback. People were excited by the new adventure I was embarking on and they wanted to […]

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Stepping outside our comfort zone

comfort zone, coaching, coach, personal development, personal growth, self love, self esteem, self confidence, authenticity, inspiration, purpose, authentic self, wellness, well-being, health, healthy living, happiness. fears, comfort zone, stepping outside your comfort zone

This quote by Diane Arbus reminds me of the joys we can experience when stepping outside our comfort zone: “My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.” If you take this word-for-word you could say “Sure! I love travelling and discovering new countries!” But what about going somewhere you’ve never been from a […]

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Manon tu m’inspires!

tu m'inspires, Manon leduc, geneviève colmer, inspiration, inspire, inspirant, mentor, mentorat, mieux-être

Si vous me permettez, je vais écrire le billet d’aujourd’hui en français. Il concerne une personne qui a été une grande source d’inspiration dans ma vie et ce que j’ai à témoigner semble vouloir sortir dans la langue de Molière pour une raison quelconque. Au cours de ma carrière, j’ai eu la chance de côtoyer […]

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The war of art and being creative

the war of art, art, creative, creatives, creativity, art, book, steven pressfield, elizabeth gilbert, big magic, wellness, coach, coaching

Oh the war of art… It’s a constant a interior battle. How can something so wonderful and magical like art and creativity also be a struggle? It all depends on your intentions and expectations. I had been reflecting on my blog this week, on how it has been evolving (i.e. obsessing about analytics and audience […]

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