Hi my lovelies! In this video I’m coming to you from beautiful Sardinia talking about a little “encounter” that happened one night when certain uninvited creatures crept into our room… This experience inspired me to tackle the topic of stepping outside our comfort zone and how this contributes to our health + happiness.

It might seem odd to make the link between creepy crawlies and personal growth but if there is one thing I’ve learned in all these years of inner work it’s this:

How we react in one area of our life is usually how we react on other areas.

In other words, if I tend to avoid putting myself in uncomfortable situations on trips for example, I probably do the same in other aspects of my life like my business or relationships. If you think this is a stretch, watch the video and you’ll see where I’m coming from. Enjoy!

Are there certain areas of your life where you are playing it safe which might be stopping you from reaching your full potential?

Now I don’t want to leave a negative impression of Sardinia with this scorpion story so here are a few teaser pics for the mega blog post I’m preparing on the highlights from our AMAZING trip. You should also check out this post on Switzerland summer 2016 highlights which includes my suggestions for both the city dweller and nature lover.

For next week’s Sardinia post, I’ll be sharing the beaches we visited, our favourite restaurants and more. Stay tuned and make sure you’ve signed up for the weekly newsletter so you’re alerted when the post goes live!

Thanks for watching and wishing you a healthy + happy week!

Geneviève xo


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