Let’s start this week with a bang and by acknowledging all the power you already have within you. We so often underestimate ourselves or hold ourselves back because we think we can’t figure it out. I post about this often because that used to be me.

I would live my dreams in my head looking at others making theirs come true.

I thought they had something I didn’t but one day I realized that it wasn’t about what I had or didn’t have. It was about what I did. I had been afraid to take action because I didn’t think I was ready or worthy.

The people I had been admiring didn’t necessarily know any more than I did but they were taking that risk and figuring it out along the way.

It can be hard to consider doing that when you’re a perfectionist but it’s also what’s holding you back (trust me, I know). It’s time to step out of the shadows and be your true self.

It’s time to take risks and to know that even if you fall flat on your face you will be learning something and you’ll be so damn proud you tried.

There’s nothing worst than wondering “what if” and living with regrets.

THIS IS IT. It’s your one life and one chance to live up to your full potential. Wouldn’t you rather make mistakes but have it be an amazing ride? I know I would. Took me some time to get to this stage but now that I’m here there’s no turning back.

Wishing you an incredible Monday where you hustle, kick ass and BELIEVE really truly, deeply that you can figure it out.

Love you guys!
Geneviève xo

(Image by Emily Osmond of Good Media)