What is your intention for this week? When you wake up what are you excited about? Living with intention means to know why you get up in the morning and why you do what you do. Your intention is your WHY. It’s your purpose:

Why you think you are here and why you matter.

Those reasons can evolve over a lifetime but it’s so important to know our why. Your intention can be anything related to your personal life, career or other. You can even have several.

My why is to help co-create more peace, love, kindness, compassion, beauty, inspiration & health in the world. It might sound like a grandiose mission but I actually just live it in my everyday actions from the work I do on the blog to how I interact with people.

Set an intention for yourself today. Maybe it’s being kinder to yourself or making healthier choices.

Maybe it’s spending more time with loved ones or working on your passion project. Whatever it is honour it and focus on it with conviction. Wishing you a healthy + happy day!

 Geneviève xo

(Image by Adorn Grace)