Always remember that how others behave or react to you is a reflection of who they are. It can be easy to get triggered if someone says something hurtful but really that negativity is coming from within them.

It’s not to say that we shouldn’t be accountable for our actions or be open to constructive criticism but know that part of people’s input is influenced by their personal perspective and baggage.

If someone is dishing out negativity, don’t stoop to their level or feed their negativity by putting more out.

Observe their behaviour from an objective perspective and create a space between what they are doing and how you react to it.

We must also remember to clean up our side of the street first before trying to “improve” or fix others.

It’s easy to focus on other people’s perceived weaknesses rather than looking within. Let’s do our inner work and focus on being at peace with ourselves which will flow into being at peace with others. Wishing you a healthy + happy day!

Geneviève xo

(Image by The Happiness Planner)