My latest article is up on The Huffington Post! I don’t think I’ve ever been this honest before about what I’ve experienced since quitting my job two years ago to follow my dream of building a wellness based business. With so many people selling the fantasy of freedom and saying goodbye to 9 to 5, I wanted to counterbalance that with a healthy dose of realism.

Of course, I will always encourage people to find their purpose and live their life to the fullest but when doing that, you’ve got to be clear on what’s in store for you.

Everyone’s journey is different but every single person that decides to go against the grain will take on challenges and be pushed to grow like they never have before.

That said, the other option is not listening to what your soul is calling you to do and that’s pretty painful so given the choice of the two, I’d rather go for door #1.

Read my article on the Huffington Post

Once you’ve read the article, you should definitely listen to the fun podcast interview I did with Jennifer Young of The Art of Making Things Happen. In this candid conversation we talk about what it takes to succeed in business and the lessons learned along our journey.

This podcast is filled with funny, authentic and vulnerable moments shared in the hopes that it will serve others who are on their own path to making their dreams a reality. You can listen to it on her site or on iTunes (title: “3 expat-preneurs sharing the realities of building their dream life”). Enjoy!

Geneviève xo

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