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Everything happens for a reason

purpose, faith, believe, universe, divine spirit, spiritual teacher, guidance, coach, spiritual growth, personal growth, personal development, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, daily inspiration, wisdom,

Yesterday, I spent some time with a beautiful soul for a private yoga class. Our discussion reminded me of what’s important to focus on when we feel lost or when going through a crisis. It might feel like we are in total darkness and will never find our way back but we do have everything […]

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A daily practice of authenticity

authenticity, authentic self, brene brown self love, self acceptance, wisdom, daily inspiration, coaching, wellbeing, happiness, peace, embrace, quote, daily quote, qotd, life guidance, personal growth, personal development, self help, self esteem, love

Authenticity is definitely the theme of this week. On Wednesday, when we had our female entrepreneur networking event, I realized that when we put our true self out there, magic happens. If this had been just a couple of years ago, I would have been nervous about being part of a group gathering because I […]

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Let your inner light shine

Let your inner light shine, shine, inner light, purpose, gift, authentic self, soul, spirit, destiny, daily inspiration, wisdom, qotd, life guidance, happiness, wellness, peace, path, spiritual teacher, spirituality

Yesterday, I witnessed beautiful women entrepreneurs letting their inner light shine. I was so inspired by how they opened up to a group of strangers and were their complete and total authentic selves. By making themselves vulnerable, they allowed for an influx of love, acceptance and compassion and it was a really special moment to […]

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You were born to do great things

red fairy project, do great things, gift, purpose, spirituality, spiritual teacher, guidance, wisdom, daily inspiration, life lessons, qotd, quote, happiness, joy, peace, give, wellness

We are all here to share our gifts, connect to others and do great things. Our thoughts and actions affect those around us and we truly do have the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste the gifts you have because you underestimate them or are fearful. This morning, I am grateful to be gathering […]

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Create your success from within

red fairy project, success from within, success, within, mantra, meditation, daily inspiration, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spiritual teacher, spirituality, wellness, happiness, wellbeing, joy, peace, deepak chopra, oprah, stillness

“I create my success from within.” I love this reminder so much. It’s the mantra from day 1 of the new Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation experience, Manifesting Success. We so often define ourselves (our value) by outside circumstances and by what others think of us. This way of defining success (our job title, material […]

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Don’t apologize for who you are

Don't apologize for who you are, red fairy project, the daily love, mastin kipp, daily inspiration, wisdom, life guidance, lessons, motivation, happiness, spiritual teacher, healer, meditation, purpose, happiness, wellness, wellbeing, peace, joy, coach, self confidence, self esteem, qotd, quote

Don’t apologize for who you are. Embrace it. Not only are you enough, but in fact, you are amazing. Let this land not from a place where the ego stands but from your true self. You’ve gotten glimpses of it in moments of silence, perhaps in nature or when surrounded by true beauty. When those […]

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Something grander awaits

Something grander awaits, red fairy project, yoga, meditation, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, peace, joy, relaxation, stress free, daily inspiration, wisdom, life guidance, life lessons, personal growth, personal development, self help, spiritual teacher, healer, coach,

If things didn’t go “your way” last week, last month or even last year, trust that there is a reason for life unfolding the way it did. Know that something grander awaits. Even the biggest disappointments can reveal something wonderful if we keep our eyes and heart open. I can attest that when one door started […]

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Believe in the beauty of your dreams

eleanor roosevelt, beauty, dreams, believe, faith, future, wisdom, daily inspiration, qotd, daily quote, life lessons, motivation, self help, personal growth, personal development, spiritual teacher, happiness, joy, wellness

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I would say that not only the future belongs but the present as well. When you believe in what you are doing, what you are contributing, you can enjoy every moment. You’re not just focusing on the future or the end results. […]

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Life is rigged in your favour

life is rigged in your favour, faith, believe, hope, purpose, daily inspiration, the nectar collective, qotd, quote, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual teacher, happiness, joy, peace, positive thinking

Act as if life is rigged in your favour. I love this reminder from The Nectar Collective. Sometimes, when challenges are thrown our way, we can get discouraged and think that life is against us. We must be very weary of this attitude as it creates low level energy which brings us to live from […]

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What sets a spark in your soul?

spark in your soul, people, places, spark, soul, travel, purpose, happiness, joy, peace, authentic self, inner voice, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, spiritual teacher, wisdom, daily inspiration, daily quote, bora bora, polynesia, beach, sea

Do you know what sets a spark in your soul? Have you ever even asked yourself this question? You have an inner voice that is speaking to you and trying to guide you towards happiness. Sometimes we drown it out with diversions (daily drama, material possessions, an overly busy life) because what this voice is […]

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Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit

kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit, daily inspiration, quote, wisdom, wellness, happiness, qotd

Kind heart. Fierce mind. Brave spirit. We don’t have to choose between being brave and being vulnerable or between being kind and being strong. We can embody all of these things and more while keeping an open heart and mind. If we become hard with a closed heart because life has dealt us some blows, […]

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Do you know the power of your mind?

power of your mind, red fairy project, carrie green, female entrepreneur association, daily inspiration, quote, inspiring, women, wisdom, guidance, personal growth, personal development, self help

The power of your mind, your thoughts and how much you identify with those thoughts is so much greater than you realize. Our thoughts can keep us stuck in fear or they can help us soar and reach for our most precious dreams. Start noticing if your thoughts are serving you. Look at where they […]

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How to welcome in happiness

Start your morning with a grateful heart, red fairy project, gratitude, grateful, morning, daily inspiration, quote of the day, happiness, wisdom, self help, personal growth, personal development, life lessons, joy

Start your morning with a grateful heart. I guarantee you it’s the best way to start your day and will bring you a sense of joy for all the gifts you have. I am grateful for a good night’s sleep, a comfortable bed, a calm and quiet home, a safe neighbourhood. I’m grateful for my […]

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Can you see your own greatness?

see your own greatness, see your greatness, self confidence, self esteem, self help, personal growth, personal development, spirituality, motivation, spiritual teacher, cassandra bodzak, happiness, entrepreneur, life guidance, coaching

If you could see your own greatness, you would stop playing so small? That is a powerful question that we should all reflect on. Since I embarked on my own journey to become my true self and realize my full potential, I have encountered so many women that do not see their own greatness. They […]

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Don’t take away today’s peace

worry, stress, anxiety, thoughts, past, future, present moment, yoga, warrior 1, wisdom, daily inspiration, personal growth, personal development, self help, happiness, joy, peace, wellness, wellbeing, spirituality, spiritual teacher, life lessons, eckhart tolle, a new earth

One of the key lessons I learned from A New Earth (the spiritual book that changed it all for me) is that worry pretends to be necessary. Let me say that again: worry pretends to be necessary. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on worrying? How many repetitive thoughts you have in […]

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Do what you love

do what you love, love, work, life, purpose, daily inspiration, wisdom, personal growth, personal development, spiritual teacher, motivation, wellness, wellbeing

Do what you love. Pretty straight forward, right? And yet, how many people get the Sunday night blues, dread going to work and can’t wait for the weekend? Doesn’t it seem tragic to live a life where 5 days out of 7 you are miserable and just waiting for those 2 days that go by […]

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