I have to start this Daily Inspiration by letting you know that the Red Fairy’s new shop is LAUNCHING LATER TODAY!!! I am adding some final products to give you the best selection possible and this gorgeous LOVE print by Melo and Co. is an example of the beauty and inspiration you will find in this new boutique.

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I chose today’s image very strategically because love is the whole reason I launched the Red Fairy Project and why the natural next phase was a shop. The essence of this blog and of who we are really is LOVE. If you come back to the core of who you truly are beyond the dramas, the worries, the ambitions and the fears, you are love.

We just get side tracked by all the distractions that life as a human throws at us so it’s up to us to create a life and daily rituals that can bring us back to love and to living mindfully. This is why I do these daily inspirations and the next step after establishing a loving mindset (be loving of others and yourself) is taking actions that are aligned with that loving intention.

There is a lot of “stuff” out there, my goal isn’t to add to that with this shop. I want the content in this boutique to feed your body, style and soul and help you create a life filled with love. Whether it’s a book that inspires you or something that helps you maintain a healthy body.

When our actions are aligned with a clear intention (focused on love), life just flows better. We are able to better tap into who we truly are and step into our full potential. That really is our mission here, to be the full and amazing versions of ourselves and
I hope that the Red Fairy Project and its boutique will contribute to that. It’s no small feat I realize that but I believe it’s doable and I hope you will be part of this movement. Wishing you a lovely day filled with moments of joy and intentional actions.

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Image by Melo and Co.