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Second, today is of course Valentines Day. Some people love it, some people despise it. Whatever your position is, see this day as a reminder to celebrate all the love you have in your lifeIt’s really the most precious gift you can ever give or receive and we sometimes take it for granted. Love is about those around you of course buts it’s also crucial to love yourself. Without solid self love, life can be a real struggle.

Speaking of struggle, whenever you are going through difficult moments in your day or in your life, you can probably bring more love into the situation to make it betterIt can be bringing more love into a rocky work relationship or perhaps more compassion towards yourself if you tend to beat yourself up mentally.

We can be harsh and judgmental beings sometimes butt we do have the capacity to notice when we are in that dark place and in an instant we can decide to chose love.

Just love sounds like such a simple mantra but it really does come down do that when things are challenging. Not to say that it’s easy to apply this philosophy but when we do, everyone benefits. Wishing you a wonderful day where you infuse your thoughts, words and actions with as much love as you can.

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