Nobody but you can bring out the unique gifts that you possess. I was speaking to a very special person yesterday that needed a little guidance with her life. We talked about many different things but one comment that stuck with me was regarding doing something that is already being done. In her book Big Magic (which I 100% recommend), Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the fact that everything has pretty much been done already. The secret though is that many, many things have not been done by YOU.

You have something truly unique to bring to this world. It might be via your job, hobby, a special talent or the role you play in someone’s life. When I was thinking of launching my blog years ago, I remember saying to myself “but there are already a million blogs out there!” Yes, that was true but I was going to bring it my own unique flavour and that is what you do as well with everything you create in this life.

Imagine if people like Coco Chanel, Mozart or Monet had said to themselves “but there are already so many people making clothes, creating music and painting.” We would have missed out on their amazing gifts and this world wouldn’t be the same today.

This goes for you as well. Tap into your true self, into the unique talents and passions that you have. Nobody but you can bring them into this world for others to enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful Friday. 

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