What you celebrate expands or in other words, what you focus the most often on is what you will get more of in your life. Do you focus on all the abundance you already have and stand in a place of gratitude or do your focus on fear and what could go wrong? The power of our mind and attention must not be underestimated.

We need to develop an awareness of the nature of our thoughts. If you take a step back, can you see how your thoughts have created the life you have? How often do you celebrate all your gifts and riches? Do you go to sleep or wake up focusing on your blessings?

It’s so important to notice all the internal and external beauty that already exists in our life rather than constantly wanting more and having a lack mentality. 

Take little moments today to celebrate all that you have. From fun colleagues to a healthy lunch to the fact that you get to go back to a safe home at the end of your day. These are all precious gifts to cherish and when we do, abundance expands and we can welcome in even more in our life.

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