To know who you are deep down inside is to detach from how you define yourself via the outside world and believe that you are already complete. When we define ourselves based on our roles as mothers, employees, business owners, etc, what happens when we mess up? It hits us hard and we think we are failures.

We are more than these roles (as important as they might be). We are spiritual beings exploring the physical world and we must do so with a certain detachment from the outcome.

I’ve seen mothers totally identify themselves with their role as a mother and basing their value on the “success” of their children but when those children started making decisions that challenged the mother’s definition of success, the mother’s world was chattered. She told herself she had failed as a mother because she had totally identified with this role.

Same goes for basing your self worth on a prestigious title at work. What happens if they let you go? Some people have been so identified with their job, that it was their only source of self value so when it was gone they had nothing to live for anymore.

Rather than basing our value on what we do, let’s base it on how we do the simplest thingsAre we present? Are we loving? Are we focused on being of service?

Not matter what you do, you are enough. Whether you “succeed” at your current role or not, you are already enough. We are spiritual beings having a human experience so no matter what we do during our time here, we are already complete.

Of course, we should strive to be the best version of ourselves but we need to find the balance between that and letting go of outcomes. We must know that we are enough and the ones we love are already enough just as they are as well. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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Image by Paper and Inka