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Gwyneth Paltrow’s sweet potato muffins

sweet potato muffin recipe

I know describing muffins as “magical” might seem like a stretch but if you believe that, it’s because you haven’t tasted Gwyneth Paltrow’s sweet potato muffins. I love it when a treat is packed with goodness: not just from a taste point of view but from the ingredients as well. Sweet potatoes are an excellent […]

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Potage courge, cari & lait de coco

recette, potage, potage courge, courge, recette automne, comfort food

(English recipe below) J’ai récemment découvert le blogue Blond Story par Virginie Goudreault et je dois dire qu’elle est devenue une grande inspiration pour moi. Tout d’abord au niveau perso, tout ce qu’elle fait touche le mieux-être alors on est faites pour s’entendre mais en ajout à cela, du point de vue business, elle représente ce […]

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30 days – 30 healthy recipes

healthy recipes, clean eating, soup, detox, detox recipe, healthy recipe, broccoli, green soup, healthy eating, healthy living

After the excesses of the holidays, your body is probably craving healthy recipes and lots of self care. If in the past, new year meant new diet, that non-sense is stopping here and now. Even though your intention was good (i.e. improving your health and getting a fit body) a diet is just a recipe […]

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15 best food blogs and apps of 2015

Best food blogs, food blog, food, eating, foodie, healthy eating, food apps, recipes, recipe apps

Let me prefix this by saying that you’re going to want to bookmark this post. As the end of the year approaches, it’s fun to look back at the memorable moments we  experienced in 2015 and for us foodies, that includes at the diner table. Rather than looking at deciding what to eat as a […]

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Chocolate dessert recipe bonanza

Salted-caramel-and-chocolate-tart, chocolate, chocolate dessert, chocolate recipe, tart, chocolate tart

With the holidays around the corner, it’s likely that you will either be welcoming loved ones over for a nice Christmas meal or that you’ll be a guest at someone’s home. What better way to put a smile on people’s face than with chocolate? This is a countdown of my all time favourite chocolate desserts, […]

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Healthy desserts that taste heavenly

vegan, dessert, vegan dessert, vegan cheesecake, healthy dessert, dessert recipe

In last week’s recipe post (Sexy salads that will rock your world), we talked about how living a healthy life is all about balance. This week, we will be focusing on the indulgence part a little more (are those cheers I hear?). I am a huge dessert lover but I also want to maintain good […]

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Sexy salad recipes that will rock your world

salad, quinoa, recipe, vegetarian, healthy eating, healthy living, salad recipe

Living a healthy life is all about balance. With the holidays coming up, we know that there is going to be some indulging and in my opinion that is totally okay. We can’t live life feeling like we are depriving ourselves. Food is just too darn delicious! That said, I like to live in a […]

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Meatless Monday: coconut curry soup

curry soup, coconut curry soup, soup, recipe, wellness, healthy eating, healthy living, tofu, vegetarian, tofu recipe, vegetarian recipe, coconut milk recipe

Last weekend, I got together with my blogger buddy Chadi of Brunettes Have More fun and we made the most incredible coconut curry soup recipe. Having blogger friends, and even better a foodie blogger friend is great because she always allows me to discover fabulous new food blogs. Case in point: Pinch of Yum. Lindsay, the […]

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Meatless Monday: tofu vermicelli bowl

grilled tofu, tofu recipe, vegetarian, meatless monday, healthy eating, tofu vermicelli

Eating healthy can mean a variety of different things for different people. It’s a clear fact though that consuming less meat is definitely a step in the right direction and this process doesn’t not have to be a complicated one. Case in point: this tofu vermicelli bowl. I simply swapped the chicken for tofu and […]

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The Red Fairy’s favourite recipe books

recettes, recipe books, recipe, cookbook, recipe book, livre recettes, foodie

(français ci-dessous) With the holidays coming up, that can only mean one thing for us foodies: thinking about what we’re going to eat. Since we can fall short of recipe ideas when the pressure is on, why not start planning now? Recipe books are such a great source of inspiration and they also make the […]

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Lighter tuna casserole recipe

healthy, eating, recipe, foodie, tuna, casserole, fish, pasta,

I never thought I would ever crave for a tuna casserole but that’s exactly what happened after seeing this lighter tuna casserole recipe by Ali at Gimme Some Oven. She is always such a great resource for healthier versions of the comforting meals we sometimes crave and this recipe is perfect for the cooler days […]

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Passion fruit yogurt perfection

passion fruit, yogurt, dairy, morning, breakfast, recipe, healthy eating, ideas, food, foodie

If you have been following the Red Fairy Project here on the blog or via Instagram, you know this girl is a big breakfast lover. Not just any breakfast though. It’s got to be an inspiring breakfast! Healthy, pretty and not just the same old same old cereal or toast.  The base of this recipe […]

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Pâtes aux courgettes, menthe & féta

pâtes, courgettes, menthe, féta, recette

Cette recette de pâtes aux courgettes, menthe et féta de Trois fois par jour est le repas parfait pour les soirs occupés de semaine. Facile à faire, bonne pour la santé et offrant un mélange de saveurs vraiment délicieux. Dans la recette originale, Marilou utilise des cheveux d’ange mais dans ce cas, j’ai opté pour […]

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Nectarine, feta and walnut salad

nectarine, salad, recipe, watercress, healthy eating, feta, cheese, vegetarian

After having a few cooler days here in Switzerland, it’s was back to warm weather and so my cravings for a light salad have returned. I whipped up this healthy recipe with left over ingredients we had in the fridge and it turned out amazing! The combination of the nectarine with the feta cheese and […]

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Amazing vegetarian chilli recipe

recipe, chilli, vegetarian, tofu, healthy eating, beans, comfort food, foodie, food porn, food photography, food blogger

I wasn’t the biggest fan of chilli. Probably because of some traumatic childhood experiences at Wendy’s that involved running to the bathroom before my meal was finished and regretting I had ever set foot in the place to begin with. All that changed when the boyfriend made me his famous vegetarian chilli recipe. It’s soooo […]

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Pain doré farci aux bleuets & cheddar

pain doré, déjeuner, farci, cheddar, fromage, bleuets, brunch, recette, matin, trois fois par jour

Avouez que juste le nom de recette de pain doré vous fait baver un peu… Ensuite, il y a la photo qui ajoute à cette soudaine envie de s’empiffrer d’un bon déjeuner réconfortant. Lorsque j’ai aperçu cette recette de pain doré farci aux bleuets, basilic et cheddar fort de Trois fois par jour j’ai pris une […]

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Salade de fregola, poulet, aubergine & ricotta

salade, poulet, fregola, pâtes, aubergine, trois fois par jour, recette, santé, repas, ricotta, pâtes

Cette recette de salade fregola, poulet, aubergine et ricotta est vraiment incroyable. Je ne suis pas une fille à salades SAUF lorsqu’elles sont composées d’ingrédients goûteux (donc pas le mix plate de laitue, tomates, concombres) et nourrissants (protéines) et qu’elles créent un vrai moment de plaisir (donc qu’on n’a pas l’impressions d’être “sage” ou au […]

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Spring rolls with peanut sauce

spring rolls, shrimp, peanut, sauce, recipe, asian, healthy eating, foodie, blogger

Who doesn’t love a delicious spring roll with yummy peanut sauce? I had a craving for exactly this earlier this week and having left over rice sheets from my last visit in Switzerland I figured we should use them up. I think spring rolls might seem like an intimidating endeavour to some people who don’t […]

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