I have a confession: I get very specific cravings (usually around THAT time of the month).  A couple of weeks ago, it was peanut butter so I promptly looked up recipes for gluten free peanut butter cookies and was thrilled two super easy ones that are also dairy free. The first peanut butter cookie recipe by the Food Network is flourless so you can’t get more simple than that (other than my favourite no bake cookies)

Our second PB cookie recipe option by Real mom nutrition is a an easy 4 ingredient peanut butter oatmeal cookie which is also easy to make and I find (gluten free) oatmeal to be such a comforting ingredient and texture (did your cookie in plant based milk and you’re in heaven).

I know the texture of gluten free desserts can sometimes be questionable but both recipes yield great results. The cookies are moist and super light. The perfect option when you want to whip up a sweet treat fast.

Looking to plan ahead for your next cookie craving? Bookmark this tahini and almond butter cookie recipe. It’s always great having healthy-ish desserts/snacks on hand when a craving hits so that we reach for something we won’t regret later. Trying one of these recipes? Share it on Instagram and tag @redfairyproject! Geneviève xo

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