I’ve been itching for junk food this weekend and that usual means one thing: PMS cravings. You know I am all about balance and I do indulge in treats on a regular basis but I prefer that my splurges not make me feel like crap physically and emotionally so I often find better alternatives to the original junk I’m yearning for (but sometimes I just go for it and eat it guilt free).

Case in point, I was drooling over these vegan salted peanut butter and banana Magnums by Panaceas Pantry and I had to make them ASAP. They didn’t turn out as Insta worthy as the above photo but man were they good. Couldn’t not share this recipe.

If you’re like me and have PMS cravings, here are some very satisfying and fairly healthy sweet & salty alternatives:

Chocolate banana almond butter bites (I made something very similar today minus the almond butter with the left over melted chocolate I had from the Magnums)

Vegan and gluten free chocolate cake balls

Swooning for something salty? I love this cauliflower pizza recipe

I also love creamy Asian inspired peanut sauce anything when I am in full PMS mode. This is a fave go-to

Want tips on how to stay on track with healthy habits? Watch this

Hope these tips help and if you try any of these strategies, share it on Instagram and tag @redfairyproject! Geneviève xo



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