Cauliflower is clearly having a moment. And if I’m more specific, cauliflower RICE is. What on earth is cauliflower rice? It’s cauliflower either grated or blended into tiny little pieces that look like rice (and you can either make it yourself or buy it ready to go in the frozen isle at the grocery store). I’ll be honest, I was not into this veggie at all before trying it in its “rice” format. Not that I didn’t like it, I just found it so boring and bland. But when you whip it up with other yummy ingredients, it’s a game changer!

Enter these 3 delicious cauliflower rice recipes. Before we dive in, if you’re asking yourself why you should try these other than for their taste, I like the fact that it’s a great alternative to traditional rice that is full of carbs (that can cause bloating and weight gain), to pasta/pizza crust and in the case of the last recipe, of meat! Yes, I said MEAT!

RECIPE 1 | My first experimentation in using cauliflower as a substitute was rather on the safe side with this 15 minute cauliflower fried rice recipe by Pinch of Yum (love her recipes). As you can see from her photo above, just the appearance of the meal is extremely appetizing. Well, the taste doesn’t disappoint either. It’s so full of flavour and nutritious ingredients.

RECIPE 2 | After starting with a beginner cauliflower rice recipe if you will, I started to build confidence and was feeling more adventurous so I tried Healthy with Nedi’s cauliflower pizza crust. This was a bit scary but the result was so satisfying! I free styled and added my own ingredients for the toppings: organic tomato sauce, sauteed baby spinach + mushrooms + vegan cheese. INCREDIBLE

RECIPE 3 | I can always count on my Tone it up Girls Katrina and Karena for healthier alternatives to decadent desserts of old classics on the savoury side. If you aren in the mood for comfort food, this  cauliflower bolognese sauce is just what you need. It’s healthy and just delish.

So there you have it, three new healthy recipes to try when you’re in the mood to create some magic in the kitchen. As always, make more than one portion so you have left overs for a healthy work lunch. ;)

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