I love a good low sugar dessert and even more so when they are made with fresh fruit that I’ve picked myself. It’s rhubarb season here in Québec so I was more than happy to walk to the backyard and hand pick what was needed for this delicious dessert. Rhubarb can be quite sour and because of this rhubarb recipes often use a lot of sugar (white sugar which is the worst in my opinion) but with this recipe it’s not the case. The recipe calls for coconut sugar and honey to sweeten the mix and the strawberries also create that perfect pairing of sweet and tart with the rhubarb.

The true test was serving to my boyfriend that said he didn’t like rhubarb…. Verdict: he loved it! I would suggest serving this crumble hot and accompanying it with a side of nice cream or vanilla yogurt. The contrast of tastes and textures is pure perfection.

On a more practical note, I noticed in the comment section of the recipe that people were saying they found the strawberry and rhubarb mix too liquid and someone said she added the following for better consistency which I did and it turned out great:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch

Whats your favourite way to use rhubarb in recipes when in season? Comment below or let me know if you whip this up for yourself! Geneviève