It’s a jungle out there. The dating world can be scary AF but it can also be magical if you have the right mindset. I’m new-ish at dating again but have pulled major lessons from my first date which I just shared on Instagram today via video (link below). Here are my top 8 tips for your first date. To dive deeper into each tip, click the link to watch the video!

  1. Do your homework (who are you meeting?)
  2. Be yourself – online and in person
  3. Manage your expectations
  4. Calm the F down
  5. Set an intention for your (first) date
  6. Don’t grill the poor guy/girl!
  7. Ask strategic questions
  8. Pay your own way

8 tips to have that perfect first date (watch)

One thought on “Top 8 tips to rock that first date

  • Selain merawat rambut dari luar dengan ramuan tradisional dan minyak zaitun, memperkuat akar rambut dari dalam juga penting, misalnya dengan mengonsumsi makanan yang kaya nutrisi dan menjaga kehidupan sehari-hari yang sehat.

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