Can you have faith and patience for life to send what you need (vs what you think you want)? Notice the quote says « will » open… Not « opens immediately the second you say goodbye to one thing ».

I say this somewhat jokingly because many of us can have trouble letting go of something or someone because we don’t already see what that next step will be.

But it’s only by creating space that we can welcome in what is perfectly suited for us (that job, home, romantic partner).

Yes the emptiness of the unknown is scary but it’s only by being brave (and at peace with the unknown) that we can let our life rise to its full potential.

Don’t settle because you think you can’t do better. Appreciate what you have but be honest about what you deserve and what is really best suited for you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend where you get comfortable releasing what isn’t meant to be to leave room for something even more amazing.

Geneviève xo 

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