Any perfectionists in the house? Often when we’re afraid something won’t be good enough we would rather not do it than have it not meet our unrealistic expectations. We do ourselves so much injustice when we stop ourselves of doing something because of this fear.

We actually block abundance from coming into our life when we let perfectionism freeze us.Getting comfortable in the discomfort is one of the most precious gifts you can offer yourself.

To learn to be a beginner and accept being bad at something for a while. People that have done great things in this world and achieved success did not stay in their comfort zone. They did not let the fear of not being good enough stop them.


That’s being brave. That’s fully living your life. That’s tapping into your gifts to create abundance for yourself and others.

What is it your fearful of? What is it that could set you free but you’ve been stopping yourself from doing?

I’ve been leaning into fear more and more because I can see the amazing places it can take me. I see that I was the only person standing in my own way.

Are you perhaps doing this? Do you need help to get unstuck? Comment below or DM me. We all have such incredible potential we can tap into to live a life we love. Geneviève xo

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