How often do you think about authenticity and if you are being the version of yourself that you are meant to be? Do you notice when you feel the most at peace, when you can put the mask down and show your true colours? It’s when you can be yourself and shine bright.

For the longest time I wore a heavy armour for fear of being judged or rejected. 

I had pretty conservative people in my surroundings and I was afraid that if I shared my “silly” dreams with them they would just laugh them off. I convinced myself that the path I was walking was fine and was mine but that wasn’t the truth.

It was only when I acknowledged the world that was within me, the true me that I was able to start to shine.

When I stopped labelling my passions, dreams and gifts as something silly or superficial that should be put aside, I started living my purposeI was able to be of service while creating a life that I loved.

You too can do the same. The light is already within you just waiting to come out. Sometimes we bury it deep down inside because others made us feel it was best to live that way. Don’t believe that nonsense. You are meant to live by being who you truly are – bright colours and all.

Making yourself small does not serve anyone. Don’t be afraid to stand tall and be your true self. You will inspire others to do the same.

Take a moment today to notice how you feel when you can be yourself. You will probably feel more serene, at peace and a smile will naturally form on your face. That is how you are meant to live so go out there and be YOU. Wishing you a magical Monday!

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Image by High Vibe Livin via Isabelle Laflèche

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