Could happiness really be as simple as making the decision to be happy? I’ve come to believe that it is so. That every moment of every day we can choose happiness over stress and dramaWe can choose to focus on the good and be grateful for all that we have.

We can live and enjoy the present moment rather than always being lost in the past or obsessing about the future.

Speaking of which, my latest video post is exactly about that (follow The Red Fairy Project on Facebook to watch!). Yesterday was a holiday for most Canadians but how many of us were already thinking about work last night when we were sitting comfortably at home?

We steal happiness from ourselves so often. We decide to make happiness conditional to a million little things. “I’ll be happy if I have the perfect job, spouse, body…”

When we decide to be truly joyful, we don’t let that joy depend on external factors.

We make a promise to ourselves that we will connect to that joy no matter what. Sure, there will be ups and downs and moments of sadness but we will have a solid foundation within that will allow us to navigate those stormsIt’s not up to the external world to determine if you can be happy and have a good week: it’s up to you.

Use all the tools I’ve been sharing in these Daily Inspiration posts to start cultivating inner joy.

To live in awareness and with the intention to choose happiness one moment at a time. Next time life throws you a curve ball, notice it and pause to decide how you want to react to it.

Next time you are about to have a fight with a loved one, ask yourself “Would I rather be right or happy?” That question has saved me a lot of grief and brought much peace to my relationshipsWishing you a wonderful day where you make the decision to be happy as often as possible.

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Image via Jennie Fagen