When you think that you aren’t enough, compare yourself to others and feel like they are better than, remember that your uniqueness is your magic. The truth is we all have amazing gifts to offer this world. They are right there within us waiting to come out. Sometimes, we block them with the harsh thoughts that occupy our mind or by comparing ourselves with others.

It’s your true self that will create the most incredible things so don’t rob the world of that potential it by compromising your authenticity.

Embrace your quirks, unique interests and points of view. Share your voice and show your true colours. Don’t let others try to put you in a box or label you because it suits them. As Gabrielle Bernstein says:

Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.

I would even say, don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you already are. Even if you don’t see her fully yet, she is taking shape and letting life teach her what she needs to grow into her full potential.

You keeping yourself small does not serve the world so don’t hold back for fear of failure.

Open your arms to experiences and lessons that will add to your unique gifts. Move through life freely and unashamed of who you truly are.

The more you will be yourself, the more free you will feel and the more you will inspire others to do the same.

Make a conscious decision today to love the true you. And if that inner mean girl shows up with something negative to say, kindly show her the door by replacing any harsh thought with a kinder and more positive one. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday filled with self acceptance and authenticity.

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