Sometimes we are afraid to dream big for fear of being disappointed. We look at others that are living an incredible life and think “that’s not for me.” I’m happy to report that every single one of us is meant to be happy and live to the fullest.

Our version of what that means will be different for each of us of course. A friend once told me that she was speaking to another friend about how she aspired to live a great life like Oprah, to which the woman replied “Yeah but that’s not reality.”

I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that Oprah is a real human being and that all the good that she doing is actually happening. It’s not some fictional TV show or fantasy that’s only taking place in our minds. You might not aspire to do anything like Oprah and that’s not the point.

The goal is to create YOUR version of an incredible life.

To be open to life’s incredible possibilities and know that even if you face perceived failure, you will still benefit from having tried.

Staying within your comfort zone means staying in a place where you aren’t willing to push yourself forward to that next level. And that level isn’t about having more or doing more necessarily. It’s about doing something that you love that is meaningful.

The day ahead might seem completely ordinary to you but a mindset shift could make it an extraordinary one.

Don’t be afraid to dig deep and find those dreams that you’ve buried because you didn’t think they could happen. 

If you believe, you can move mountains. You can create magic far beyond what you had ever imagined.

It all starts with believing. Tapping into that inner knowing and not letting the voice of fear dominate us. Wishing you a wonderful Monday where you allow yourself to dream big and take that next step foward.

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Image by Emma Kate Co