You have what you need. Whether it’s from an emotional or material point of view. Anyone who is reading this post is beyond blessed. You have a smart phone, a tablet or a computer. You have electricity and access to the Internet. You are probably sitting comfortably in your bed, on a sofa or at your desk.

We are rich beyond what other people in the world can imagine. We go to bed feeling safe at night and can walk around our neighbourhood without feeling threatened. It’s not to say that we can’t thrive for more. For self actualization for example, but we must first start by noticing all that we already have.

To cultivate gratitude is to welcome in even more abundance. To recognize the inner resources we already possess is to maximize our full potential. You have so many gifts inside of you and around you. Do you acknowledge them all and appreciate them fully?

True happiness comes from the inside, not from outside sources that are fleeting and can disappear in an instant. Practice gratitude everyday (I do it in the morning when I wake up, at night before going to sleep and even during the quieter moments of the day like if I am walking somewhere or waiting for something).

You can’t create something from nothing. You can’t create a wonderful life if you don’t see all the wonders that are already there for you to enjoyWishing you a beautiful day where you notice all the little gifts that pop up around you but also all the richness that you possess inside.

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Image by Danielle Laporte 

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