You are everything. You are already complete and magnificent no matter what you do or don’t do during this physical life. You can relax. You are enough. Even if the house is a mess, some items on your to-do list don’t get done or if your career isn’t advancing as fast as you think it should be.

You are amazing from the inside out. It’s not what you do in the material world that matters it’s how you do the smallest thingsHow much love and intention you bring to each action you take, whether it’s to be present when someone needs you to listen to them or being patient with those around you who don’t know better and can sometimes be irritating.

You are everything. Stop doubting of what you are capable of or relying solely on your accomplishments for self worth. The worth that we bring to this world is not something that we can see, it’s something that we can feel. You don’t need to struggle so much. You don’t need to do just one more thing to be worthy. You already are.

You have given a lot this week. Take some time for yourself in little moments of stillness. See how you bring great value to your world not necessarily via what you do but how you do it. You are so much bigger than you think and feel. Life just wants you to see that and then step into that place of greatness.

Stand in a place where you know that you are everything and that you don’t need to be fixedWishing you an amazing Friday!

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Image by Harley Quinn and Co.