You are more than what you do. Today, it’s time to JUST BE. Allow yourself to relax and get lost in day dreaming. It’s during moments of stillness that we can get clarityClarity on whether all that we are doing at 100 miles per hour is bringing us in the right direction.

What is the right direction? That’s different for every single one of us. For all though, the right path is when we are aligned with our core valuesThat can be health, family, freedom, creativity and so much more. 

It’s important that we not get too caught up in the busyness of life. That we don’t let the outside world dictate how we feel internally and whether we are getting closer or further from what truly matters to us.

Accomplishments are great and self actualization is important but it’s not just in the doing and “conquering” that we can be in that space. It’s as important for your happiness to find inner peace and that is reached when what you do on the outside is aligned with the inside.

We can sometimes get our priorities confused. Thinking that money trumps all for example when in fact money represents the freedom we are craving.

Take time to slow down and step out of the frantic constant doing mode. Enjoy moments of just being and see how time can expand when you become fully present rather than always moving on to the next thing and then the next thing…

Life shouldn’t feel like a race. It’s a journey that needs to be taken at a slower pace from time to time to truly enjoy all that it has to offer. Wishing you a wonderful slow Sunday where you take time for yourself and take a break from conquering that to-do list.

Image by Secret Weapon Creative