Whether you feel it or not on a groggy Monday morning, you are here to bring a unique gift to the world and live your purpose everyday. You being here is not random and your life isn’t just about getting up, working to pay the bills and starting all over the next day.

If you want to start living your purpose, you have to be present enough to notice what makes you feel truly alive. What is it that just makes time fly when you do it? What comes naturally to you that you might be taking for granted? What do people often come to you for that you have a natural gift for?

What we are here to do doesn’t necessarily have to do with the “form”. For example, Oprah says that she might look like a TV presenter but she is here to connect people and raise the overall consciousness (more on this in the video below).

Our purpose might look like something simple on the outside but it can have a very important impact. Start noticing what you love doing and when you are the most connected to your authentic self. 

You have a unique gift to bring that no one else can in YOUR way and if you don’t follow your purpose, this world won’t get to enjoy it. Wishing you a wonderful Monday when you take moments of stillness to notice when you are in your purpose.
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I’ll leave you with this amazing video of Oprah being interviewed at Stanford where she talks about how she discovered her purpose and stayed on that path despite what other people around her told her she should be doing. It’s over an hour but it’s so good and really worth watching.

Feature image by Me and my Bentley

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