Do you think that you have to make things happen and “get it all done” to feel like you are enough? Do you believe that you are worthy only if you accomplish something? As women, many of us rest our self worth on what we do.

We feel the need to prove ourselves and always do more, more, more. We don’t allow ourselves to just beWe feel guilty when we stop, slow down or cut corners in order to stay sane.

We need to understand and truly believe that we are worthy of love no matter what we do or how much we accomplish.

Our value doesn’t rest on a to-list, grades, praise, titles or material things. We are so much more than that. It’s how we are not what we do that matters most.

How much we love, care, listen, laugh, have compassion and are kind. I adore reading this quote by Brené Brown to remind myself that I don’t need to prove my worth by doing or accomplishing:

“No matter what gets done or what’s left undone, I am enough.”

Don’t you feel a huge sense of relief when you read that? I sure do. Wishing you a wonderful day where you do your best and know that you are worthy no matter what gets done. In fact, you are incredible just as you are.

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