It’s incredible to what point happiness is in our hands- or rather, in our mind really. It’s our mindset that affects how much joy we can tap into. Look at the above list and consider how many of these behaviours you take part in on a daily basis. If you want to be happy, you’re going to have to release some of these patterns.

It begins with the awareness that we are taking part in habits (mental or behavioural) that are causing us harm.

I’ve covered a lot of these topics because I’ve worked on many of them. Still am, and that’s all part of the human journey. You too can do the same.

You have the power within you to change harmful habits and create a fresh start.

Mondays are great for blank slates. Choose to let go of the past and set a new intention for yourself. You can pick one of the above that you want to let go of this week and really focus on it.

Notice when it comes up and how it’s damaging to your happiness. Then decide to shift that mindset. You have all the tools within you to do this and life is there to support you as well.

When you make a conscious decision to choose happiness rather than falling back into old patterns, incredible changes occur.

When you decide to not just be on automatic pilot anymore but rather live in awareness, you will thrive rather than just survive. I’m here with you and we are on this journey together. If you have any struggles or want to share some victories, I’d love for you to do so here (comment section below).

This community is one filled with love and kindness and the more you decide to engage and connect with like-minded souls, the more you will grow. Wishing you a peaceful day where you focus on what you need to release if you want to be happy.

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