I’ve been working out like a maniac lately (like 7 days a week) because I have a very specific goal in mind. I’m turning 40 on September 18th and I want to have my fittest and healthiest body yet when I enter the big 4-0.

I know it’s just a number and I always say that we’re all heading in the same direction so there’s not point in resisting it but it also makes me want to live my life to the fullest and be my best self every day.

That means working out even on days where I’m unmotivated.

The reason I’m posting the above is because it is a trick that I’ve found quite effective on those days where I’m just dragging my feet.

Sometimes your mindset needs something to kick it into gear and changing your clothes can have an important impact.

Another technique that helps me a lot is always scheduling my workout in my calendar, setting a reminder and including a few cute emoticons to motivate me.

It’s the small actions we take every day that make up who we are, how we are and what we do with this life.

Being active is hugely important to be healthy + happy in my book because this temple that we live in must be in tip top shape for us to do all that we love.

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Geneviève  xoxo

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