We’ve all made up excuses at certain moments in our life for why we aren’t stepping into our full potential. Forget these excuses, forgive yourself for hiding behind them and now rise up to who you are meant to be.

We have so much potential within us. Potential to do good, be of service, create beauty but also design an incredible life for ourselves.

You aren’t here to simply get up, go to work and pay the bills. Your journey is meant to be filled with purpose and possibilities.

You are supposed to rise to a level where you are thrilled to be alive.

Maybe not all day every day but on a regular basis. I’ll use a quote I saw twice yesterday as a precious reminder for us all: “Stop acting like you live twice.” This doesn’t mean putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to perform constantly. This experience isn’t about performance anyways.

Look within and be honest with yourself about where you are using excuses to not rise to your full potential.

The main excuse is often fear disguised as “I won’t be good enough, strong enough, smart enough…” Or “I’m not ready yet, I don’t have enough time…”.

Toss those excuses to the side and focus on what matters most to you. Move past those fears and bite into life fully. Wishing you an incredible Sunday where you take a step forward to being more healthy+ happy and walk away from the fearful excuses.

Geneviève  xoxo

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