It all comes back to your breath. Without it your life wouldn’t exist. Having gratitude for our breath puts our problems in perspective and makes us realize how lucky we are to have a healthy body. Focusing on the breath allows us to connect with inner peace.

You can release stress instantly by coming back to your breath, letting it slow down and deepen.

Your breath is everything and yet how often are you aware of it? One of the reasons I love yoga is that it taught me to breathe properly again. I went from a shallow breath that actually sends stress signals to the brain to a much deeper and nourishing one.

Make it a habit today to pause and focus on your precious breath.

Take a few deep inhales while being grateful for everything you have. It’s such a great way to come back to the present and slow down the monkey mind. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you celebrate your breath and living this miraculous life.

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