You are entirely up to you. Your mindset is what will make or break your day and week. Sure there are external circumstances that you can’t control but you can control and decide how you react to these situations.

So often we don’t even realize that we are standing in our own way.

I’m including myself I this. Just like everyone, I can have limiting beliefs. Beliefs that keep me small and sometimes stop me from reaching for the stars.

The positive thing is that we can notice when we do this and then change the course of our thought pattern. We can look around us for inspiration and reminders of what is possible. We can go within and remember all the gifts and talents we have.

Let’s make it a daily practice to celebrate the divine beings we are rather than focusing on what we think we are lacking.

Let’s embrace our uniqueness and let life show us what we are meant to do during our time here. It might not be what you expect so stay open to the signs.

Wishing you a magical Monday where you banish your inner mean girl (or guy) and you believe in yourself and all that is possible.

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