It’s your call to decide what success and happiness mean to you. Don’t let others define your life or influence major life decisions. When I was younger I looked to others that I deemed wiser than me to determine my path.

In my early thirties, I realized I had gone down a road that probably suited many but not me. The “traditional” life is being redefined and as modern women we get so many amazing opportunities.

It can actually be overwhelming sometimes when we have almost too many options.

I’ll dive into this deeper in an upcoming post but big decisions like having kids should not be based on how others think we should live our life. If you feel like an outcast or like you’re the black sheep of the family, it’s not because something is wrong with you.

Embrace who you truly are and make up your own recipe for happiness and success.

I’m so grateful to have finally met some non traditional kick ass gals in the past couple of years. Women that are breaking down the barriers of what we are “supposed to do”. Trust your instinct when it tells you to go a certain way even if everyone is going the other.

Know that just because you think you’re alone in feeling a certain way, it’s probably not the case.

And even if it is, who cares? Your journey is your journey. Let it take its course while listening to your inner GPS. If you block it because you are too distracted looking around at what others are doing you will get lost.

Take a step today to define happiness on your own terms. Let go of the fear of what others think and start believing in your dreams and life vision. Wishing you a wonderful day. xoxo

Image by Teresa_Anker