Following your bliss is a concept that we hear about quite often and there’s a reason for that: The path to a fulfilling life unfolds by allocating time to doing what you love. It’s not by buying stuff, getting a raise or even being instafamous.

Many of us get lost during this journey because we are focusing on the wrong goals. We are taught that it’s through the material world that we will find happiness. As if joy was just a designer bag or fancy car away.

Those things can provide short term thrills and they should be enjoyed but that buzz quickly fades and then we must move on to the next purchase. There is a high cost to that vicious circle and it leaves us feeling empty.

Following your bliss doesn’t mean quitting your 9 to 5 job to pursue some crazy dream (it could though). It can be to spend a little more time on the creative project that lights you up.

Or maybe it’s something physical where you feel the stress wash away in an instant (SUP and yoga so that for me). You get to define what bliss means to you. No judgment and no comparing.

Then, it’s your responsibility to make the time to explore that passion that feeds your soul. Travel is a big one for me as is spending time with those I care about most. I’ve made risky decisions in my life in order to do both and so far it’s paid off.

Start following your bliss today by taking just a few minutes to do something that makes you feel a little lighter and puts a smile on your face.

Believe it or not this is part of your purpose and the reason you are here. Your journey isn’t just about paying the bills and running around like a mad person trying to get everything done.

Connect with your soul and ask it what it needs. Little to its voice, it will begin to speak to you in small whispers at first.

Quiet the mind by taking walks, doing a short meditation or simply by looking at something beautiful like a flower or animal. Come back to the basics and find the balance between being and doing. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday where you connect with you bliss and let it guide you.

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Image by Happiness Planner