We often think and focus on life’s big moments as sources of happiness but it’s what we repeatedly do week in and week out that determines our level of joy. For example, healthy living and having a heathy body are priorities for me so it’s through the little decisions that I either get closer or further from these values.

From the positive mindset I choose to adopt to the workout I do even if I’m not feeling motivated. The key is always coming back to your WHY. Why is it important to be healthy? Why do you go to your job every morning.

Make sure that the answer to these questions satisfy you and that they don’t include the word “should” (as in “I do xyz because I should”). Should is never a solid source of motivation or inspiration.

On the other hand your WHY is. This is the reason knowing what your core desires and dreams are is so important.

It’s via your daily habits that you will get closer to living the life of your dreams. Through small choices that will add up.

What will you choose today to create a healthy + happy life? Leave a comment below!

Wishing you a wonderful day Tuesday,
Geneviève xoxo

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