No matter what the day ahead holds for you, create a solid foundation of inner peace for yourself by meditating when you first wake up. I’ve made this my practice for over two years now and it’s had an incredible impact on how I can handle stress.

Meditating calms the mind and body. It reminds you that you are a human BEING not a human doing.

Meditation brings you back to who you truly are beyond the daily dramas and challenges. I love meditating first thing in the morning because it sets the tone for the day. I’m able to stay calmer and put things in perspective rather than constantly get caught up with external factors.

Sure, I still lose my shizzle from time to time because you know, I am human after all. That said, I don’t lose it often and when I do I can quickly come back to a place of peace and ease which is where I feel the happiest.

You can’t do meditation wrong in case you’re think that it isn’t for you or that your mind is too busy to be still.

That’s exactly who meditation is for and its not about not thinking. It’s about slowing down the fluctuations of the mind. Leaving a bit more open space for quiet and calm. Wouldn’t you like more of that? If so, check out my post Meditation for beginners for some great tips to start your own practice.

Meditation is for everyone and it’s actually our natural state. We can slowly learn to come back to it one breath at a time. Wishing you a wonderful day where you take mini moments to meditate + calm your body, mind and soul.

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