We may not have control over what happens around us but we can choose how we react to it. We can decide to respond less to negativity and drama rather than get totally caught up in it. Often, we might not even notice when we are triggered. Negativity can push our buttons and take us to places where stress dominates our body, mind and soul

The good news is that we can develop an awareness that will help us notice negativity and step away from it.

When we start cultivating this awareness, we create a space between the negativity (or stress trigger) and our reaction to it. This space gives us the opportunity to think and consciously decide if we want to jump on the negativity bandwagon or if we prefer to prioritize our inner peace.

The decision happens very quickly at first. We might want to choose peace but sometimes our Ego or emotions will get the best of us. Don’t despair, like anything it takes practice but it’s so worth it.

When you start to become an observer of the chaos rather than an active participant, you see that you can be at peace no matter what the external factors are. 

Wishing you a wonderful day where you respond less to negativity and become more peaceful.

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