This week, as a throwback to the speaking gig I did at Lululemon on May 12, I will be focusing on the 5 pillars needed to live healthy + happy (sign up to the Red Fairy’s weekly newsletter to view the full video of my talk). 

Pillar #3 to live healthy + happy is: kindness. When you show more kindness and combine that to pillars #1 and 2 (peace and love), magic happens. You start treating yourself and others in a more gentle way. You release the harsh and judgmental thoughts. You step away from separateness (them vs me) and start understanding that we are all in this together.

Rather than going through your days being hard and inflexible, you become softer and bend to the flow of where life is taking you.

This doesn’t mean being weak. It’s quite the opposite in fact. When we make ourselves softer like water, we bend instead of breaking when we pass through one of life’s challenging storms.

Being kind means allowing others to be their true selves.

It means forgiving yourself and others when mistakes are made. Showing more kindness will inspire others to do the same.

Imagine if this world had more kindness. Imagine the difference in the energy that would surround us. This doesn’t have to be just a dream. We can make it happen.

It all starts with our inner world. Treat yourself kindly and you will have more kindness to offer others.

Others will receive this kindness and then pass it on to the next person. It’s hard for us to imagine sometimes the impact a slight shift in mindset can have but we need to believe in the power of that.

It can create miracles beyond our wildest dreams. Wishing you a wonderful day where you show more kindness and see the magical effect it can have in the world within you and all around.

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