This week, as a throwback to the speaking gig I did at Lululemon on May 12, I will be focusing on the 5 pillars needed to live healthy + happy (sign up to the Red Fairy’s weekly newsletter to view the full video of my talk). 

Pillar #2 to live healthy + happy is LOVE. How often do you think about love in your day? Not necessarily romantic love and not necessarily love directed towards others. It can be love you bring to yourself in the choices you make, in how you make your values a priority.

It can definitely be about others too. In how accepting you are of them rather than trying to tweak or improve them.

When we boil it all down, all the dramas and adventures of life, it comes down to love.

So many things that we fret about wont matter down the line. What will count and what does count is how much we love.

We can infuse love in everything we do. From the thoughts we think to the words we speak and actions we take.

We always have a choice between fear and love. In the biggest and smallest of ways. Notice your incline towards one or the other. Which do you tend to choose?

If you feel that you are lacking love in your life, think about how much love you are putting out there.

If you don’t think you have enough love within you it’s time to change that belief. We are born we an unlimited amount of love. Life then tests us and puts obstacles in our way. That is when you had the choice between fear and love and it’s possible you choose the first.

If so, don’t judge those decisions but move forward with the intention of walking down a different path. One where you make love a priority and sprinkle it on everything you do. You are love. You might have forgotten it along the way but it’s been right there all along.

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Image via Lisa Messenger a great inspiration in my life of being love, light and your authentic self.