Today’s unusually chilly weather inspired me to focus on something we all tend to do at some point or another: resisting what is. It’s the great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle that first made me realize that we actually have a choice in how we react to what is thrown at us during our life.

It blew my mind that for all these years I had been creating unnecessary stress for myself by standing in a place of frustration when I could have been in a completely different and more peaceful energy.

In this video, I give you concrete ways to deal with what is, even when you want to resist it with everything you’ve got. Whether it’s your financial situation, romantic life or work related, you can face life’s challenges with much more ease if you take this approach:

I’ll leave you with a very short but impactful quote from Eckhart Tolle: “What you resist will persist.” The way I understand it, it’s like I mentioned in the video. If you are trying to change a situation from a negative and frustrated place, all you will generate is more negativity.

If on the other hand, you consciously decide to accept where you are, be at peace with what is while working towards something better, then your energy is much more positive which will help attract what you want.

Are you in a moment where you are resisting what is? Have you ever wanted to be elsewhere or wished that things were different? How did your attitude help or hurt you move on from those circumstances? Share with us and comment!

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