This week, as a throwback to the speaking gig I did at Lululemon on May 12, I will be focusing on the 5 pillars needed to live healthy + happy (sign up to the Red Fairy’s weekly newsletter to view the full video of my talk). 

Pillar #4 on how to live healthy + happy: GRATITUDE. Personal growth and spiritual teachers have been talking about gratitude a lot over the past few years and there’s a very good reason for it: it can allow you to tap into endless joy and deep inner peace.

Oprah introduced me to the concept of a gratitude practice at a moment in my life when I needed it the most. I was in darkness and sickness and gratitude allowed me to find light and eventually my health.

Gratitude allows us to see all the gifts we already have even if we are facing struggles.

It allows us to feel contentment rather than always running after and wanting more. I love practicing gratitude first thing when I wake up even before I open my eyes. I focus on how grateful I am for a good night’s sleep, my comfy bed, the quiet and safe environment I am surrounded by, my health and more.

This allows me to wake up feeling at peace rather than letting my mind immediately go to my to-do list or anything I’m worrying about. I do the same thing when I go bed, focusing on all the gifts the day brought to me.

Believe it or not, I even often practice gratitude during my day as well, when I notice that something is bringing me happiness (a delicious healthy meal, a great moment with a friend, the sunshine and fresh air). If you don’t already, try incorporating a gratitude practice in your day.

You will see its immediate benefits including a reduction of stress and the “monkey mind”. It only takes a few moments and you can do it any way you like.

You can have a gratitude journal, just say what you are grateful for out loud or simply focus on it in your head. There is no wrong way of doing it. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with moments of gratitude and inner peace.

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